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Atomic / Optical Emission Spectrometer SPECTROMAXx(AMETEK GERMANY)


An OES works on reliable and very powerful technology thus it is the most widely adopted technique in the field of analysis of metals and alloys in solid form. The reason behind its popularity its fast speed, high accuracy, efficiency and precision. It is advisable to use because it does not require any sample dissolution, moreover it provides extremely high sample analysis output i.e it can analyze 400 to 500 sample in a day. In order to attain reliable and repeatable results through Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES), it is desirable to have significant quantities of reference material or the samples which covers a broad range of concentrations needed to calibrate the instrument. ASR Metallurgy Pvt. Ltd., therefore, is committed to own extensive range of certified range of materials (CRM) to cover the full spectrum of metals.

 Salient Features

  • High Resolution CCD Multi Detectors

  • Wavelength Range from 140 nm to 670nm

  • ICAL – user-friendly standardization with One Control Sample

  • Spark stand, self-cooled with minimum argon gas consumption

  • Dynamic Excitation, reduced measurement time

  • Spectro Plasma Generator–Digital sample excitation system for high precision

  • High Speed Spectrometer control with Readout system, fast and precise

  • Measurement Status Indication

  • ON-LINE Maintenance Scheduler

  • Argon Saving Module

  • Diagnosis System with Innovative Visualization Function

  • Ease of use “Spark Analyzer Pro MAXx” software Sample Result Manager Software

  • MATRIX- Ferrous Base, Aluminum Base more bases will be added in the future


    • Fe - 01 (Orientation)

    • Fe - 10 (Low Alloy Steel)

    • Fe - 20 (Cast Iron)

    • Fe - 30 (Cr – Cr/Ni- Steel)

    • Fe - 40 (High Speed Steel)

    • Fe - 50 (Manganese Steel)

    • Al - 01 (Al Global Calibration)

    • Al - 10 (Pure /Low Alloy)


    • Wire Adapter (0.8 – 10 mm Diameter)

    • Adapter for Sheets ( 0.1 – 1 mm thickness )

Approved Chemical Test standards:

ASTM E1251, IS:11035, IS 8811, ASTM E415, ASTM E1999, IS 9879, JIS G1253

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